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What Does A Wedding Celebrant Do?

Wedding Celebrants do so much more than just turning up on your wedding day.

An introductory meeting. At least one collaborating meeting. A Rehearsal. Presiding on the day.

It would be fair to say that most wedding celebrants would spend a further average of 12 hours working behind the scenes researching and creating your personal ceremony within the required legal perimeters.

Our background for accreditation is extensive study approved by The Attorney General’s Department, along with annual compulsory Ongoing Professional Development and Training.

You may not be aware that if wording is incorrect in certain sections of your ceremony, the marriage may be considered non-valid. Even more reason to work with a professional!

Most celebrants will have several meetings with you, where you get to know each other, complete the legalities and then collaborate on ideas for the ceremony and planning. This can also be done through multimedia from afar.

A celebrant then writes the ceremony, suggests readings, music and choreography, always keeping you in the loop making any required adjustments along the way. A celebrant will also collaborate with you on your preference for her/his dress code and join in the spirit dressing for themed weddings.

A rehearsal either at the venue or in a local space is usually included.

On the day, your celebrant arrives well before the Bridal Party; Consults with the Photographer. Sets up the signing table. Sets up and tests the PA system. Greets Family and The Bridal Party. Settles nerves and ensures that everyone is relaxed, comfortable and ready to proceed.

Your celebrant takes responsibility for everything running smoothly. Presides over and delivers a meaningful ceremony. Keeps a watchful eye for placement of bouquets, rings, ceremony props and unexpected hiccups such as adorable munchkins who may not want to play on the day 🙂

After you are pronounced as Husband and Wife, a celebrant will usually mingle for a time and stay for official photographs. Some celebrants, myself included, will take extra care in assisting the photographer in setting up group photos before the party begins. (Great Aunt Theodosia always appreciates this gesture!)

We celebrants are passionate about the value and privilege of guiding our special clients to mark and share a significant milestone in their lives. We each provide our own unique personalities and approaches.

For me, it’s genuine warmth and style. Creativity with a sense of occasion. Fun and mischief where appropriate.

Always choose a celebrant who is the right ‘fit’ for you.

I absolutely LOVE being a celebrant!


Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your upcoming Ceremony plans, I would love to hear from you.

You can also call me direct on 0408 607 244 or email sbiz@spin.net.au.