Top 10 Ideas For Blended Family Weddings - Sandie Bizys Celebrant
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Top 10 Ideas For Blended Family Weddings

In our current day and age of merged families and second marriages, most couples want to involve their children in the wedding ceremony.

As your celebrant, I would get to know more about you and your respective children and then construct a beautiful blended family ceremony accordingly. I know for a fact that children love to be involved in the planning of this special day.

By including many of the imaginative ways a ceremony can be constructed to involve children, the exciting day for them becomes a tangible symbol of being embraced into their new and blended family.

Here are 10 ideas to involve your children in your wedding ceremony.

1 Share the wedding planning

2 Give each child a role in the ceremony

3 Include the children in your love story

4 Pledge vows to each other’s children

5 Have the children involved at the signing table

6 Include a family unity candle ceremony

7 Present children with a special piece of jewellery

8 Allow time immediately after the ceremony to embrace as a new family before greeting your guests

9 Encourage children to give a speech at the reception

10 Set aside time after your honeymoon to share a merged family honeymoon


Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your Blended Family Wedding Ceremony plans, I would love to hear from you.