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By now we will have had meetings and lots of communication in creating your special ceremony.


Together we may have chosen to include beautiful and meaningful rituals such as a candle lighting, a hand-fasting, a sand ceremony – or better still, we come up with a unique one of our own.

Things to Consider


We will have nutted out the logistics of the venue.

The possible Council requirements for a PA system.

Music choices.

Who is responsible for playing the music.

Ideas for the signing table.

Back-up plan in case of inclement weather.

How you would like me to dress.

The arrival time of both the Guests and The Wedding Party.

Where I will meet you.

What time I will meet you.

Where to have a last minute catch up with your Parents and Bridal Party.

What arrangements and requests you have for photographs.

Not forgetting for even a moment, your thoughts on mobile phones and Instagram posts before and during the ceremony 🙂

Of course you can have a rehearsal!


This can either be conducted via arrangement with your venue, alternatively in the fun format of improvised staging at a school hall, a park or any other suitable space.


A rehearsal if desired is for fine tuning the choreography of the ceremony, such as – where to stand – how to walk – what to say – who is minding the rings – who is playing the music – even a back-up plan just in case munchkin flower girls and page boys decide they don’t want to play ;-0

Closer to The Day


We review and make any changes to your completed ceremony.


We tick off all boxes ensuring that you are at ease and totally prepared with how we have planned your ceremony.


You pay balance of fees owing.


We complete a compulsory Form 14 to declare that there is no legal impediment to your marriage.

On The Day


I will arrive well before your ceremony at our agreed time.


I will meet and greet you both, your Bridal Party, Witnesses and Family.


I will check the sound system, go over your requests with your photographer, check the signing table and attend to any other details.


Note: My previous careers equips me extremely resourceful with any last minute wardrobe hiccups.


I will ensure that everyone is comfortable, relaxed and ready to proceed.


I will conduct and personalise your ceremony with grace, dignity and a tad of fun where appropriate.


And then, as they say, “together let this be a beautiful beginning to a wonderful lifelong unity”.

Let me create a memorable day for you!