Celebration of Life Ceremony Sydney | Sandie Bizys
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Celebration of Life Ceremony

three candles burning

During such a heartfelt time of grieving, when loss is being felt the most, a Celebration Of Life Ceremony is a comforting and joyous service to recognise the lifelong journey of the deceased. To share grief and empathy on such an occasion, but at the same time, to celebrate lifelong stories, achievements, anecdotes, and recognise the love and friendship shared.


I will guide you as we create a service which says exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it.


Every ceremony is different, many families also embrace the inclusion of laughter and fun memories.


I will work closely with you in creating the ceremony in addition to suggesting unique elements you may choose to include. As a woman with both maturity and empathy, I have the respect, compassion and creativity to ensure a beautiful and meaningful ceremony for your loved one.

Let me create a special day for your loved one