Baby Naming Ceremonies - Sandie Bizys Celebrant
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Baby Naming Ceremony Sydney

Baby Naming Ceremonies

Congratulations if you have recently been blessed with a little miracle.

Firstly, can I tell you that I absolutely adore little munchkins!

Some families choose to celebrate the birth of their newest miracle by holding a christening or baby naming ceremony to celebrate this very special occasion as you introduce your baby or toddler to Family, Friends and The Community.

Marking this occasion with a sense of formality, A Baby Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to introduce your baby or toddler to Family and Friends.

Baby Naming Ceremonies can be held as a casual event in your home, your garden, a local park, a restaurant, an event centre, – just about anywhere you choose to mark and celebrate this occasion.

Baby Naming Ceremonies may or may not have religious or cultural significance. The choice is entirely up to you!

A skilled celebrant such as myself will work closely with you to create a beautiful and meaningful baby naming ceremony, written especially for you, your munchkin and your guests. Of course I will suggest many unique ideas to make your ceremony extra special and truly reflect what you as new parents want to say. There is no set script and no fixed structure.  As your celebrant, I guide you through the many wonderful ideas, and together, we create an occasion fitting for this special day.

Baby Naming Ceremony

Sponsors or Godparents at a Baby Naming Day

Whilst the ceremony may or not have a religious or spiritual aspect, many families choose to nominate, ‘supporting adults’, ‘mentors’ ‘Godparents’.  Together as your baby naming celebrant, we may construct and record vows or pledges from these sponsors in relation to your child’s future life.

Whilst vows and pledges at Baby Naming Ceremonies are not legally binding, as your celebrant I will always present sponsors with a commemorative certificate to mark this significant occasion.

Parental Promises at a Baby Naming Ceremony

Parents may publicly declare their love and commitment for their child. Share anecdotes about the arrival of ‘munchkin’. Share with others their reasons for their choice of name, their hopes, dreams and prayers for a wonderful life, their promises to their child, and the importance of embracing a wider loving family. As with the pledges Sponsors or Godparents, as your celebrant I will always present parents and baby with a commemorative certificate to mark this significant occasion.

Planning A Baby Naming Ceremony

The ideas as with all ceremonies are absolutely limitless – as your baby naming celebrant, I will always work closely with to create, deliver and preside over a ceremony which is unique and perfect for you, your family and ‘munchkin’.

Together, we can create a beautiful ceremony in any way that you want. There are so many wonderful activities, readings and rituals which can be included – with or without a religious or spiritual influence, I would love to be your special baby naming celebrant and help be your guide to planning the day just right for your family.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your Baby Naming Ceremony plans, I would love to hear from you.

You can also read more about my celebrant style here.